made in Germany

blockschaltbild s
diagramm of demonstration unit

  • Customized DC/DC converter based on a freely programmable and well tested high performance dual signal processor control unit EMS01 as standard unit.
  • pre-simulated customized load path (power unit), specific to the application and allowing efficient power flow on different voltage levels and power levels.
  • Four-quadrant switch cells in a symmetrical dual active H-bridge configuration are used to ensure bi-directional power flow as a dual active bridge converter (DAB) or bidirectional resonant topology LLC with various modulation types like phase shift modulation (PSM) and duty control w/o zero-voltage switching (ZVS).
  • Optimized switching frequency between 20 and 200 kHz.
  • Off the shelf implementation of higher level control functions like multi-step charge control, maximum powerpoint tracking (MPP) or source and load security functions.
  • Various control Interfaces (Modbus Ethernet, CAN, RS485) for higher-level energy management systems available optional on-device PnP manual operational interface with 5 keys and graphical LCD display.
  • Fast and economical implementation possible due to a modular concept.
  • Environmental and EMV qualification for different operational areas possible.
  • In-house production (SMT, test, programming, assembly) even for single unit orders.